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CARETTA CARETTA: The loggerhead turtle (Caretta-caretta) used to be common throughout Mediterranean, but its nesting grounds have been diminished, due to shore development; today this graceful swimmer is considered an endangered species. Zakynthos is one of the last -and the most important- nesting areas in the Mediterranean for the loggerhead turtle.

VENETIAN CASTLE: The Venetian Castle is situated on an evergreen hill at the district of Bohali. It was built upon the ruins of the ancient acropolis (Psofida) and its fortifications, which are preserved, were completed in 1646. Above the entrance gate, one may distinguish the Venetian blazon of the lions of St. Markos. The surrounding area is heavily overgrown with pines and offers a magnificent view to the town of Zakynthos.

CELEBRATION OF ST. DIONYSSOS: On 24 August a lot of pilgrims visit the island to celebrate all together.

SMUGGLER’S WRECK BAY: Smugglers Cove also known as Navagio has to be the most famous beach on the island if not in Greece. On the North West of the island over 20 years ago a coaster carrying contraband cigarettes was wrecked and washed on the beach that formed smugglers cove. The sandy and pebbly beach is only accessible by boat, daily from the port of town or from Porto Broni.

BLUE CAVES: These maritime caves are situated at Aspros Vrahos of Krimnos, on the Skinari cape, the northern part of the island. The biggest of the caves is the famous Blue Grotto and its entrance was discovered in 1897. You can visit the Blue Caves by boat from the nearby port of St Nikolaos.

KERI CAVE: Nearby the village of Keri, is the largest cave of the island.

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