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With thousands of years of Greek history on its shoulders and its unique natural landscape, Thassos is still known as the "Emerald of the Aegean" despite the forest fires which have devastated some of its woodland in recent years. There are traditional mountain villages and sparkling beaches, the remains of prehistoric settlements, relicts of the ancient and classical eras, early Christian basilicas built on the ruins of ancient temples, old churches and dozens of tiny sanctuaries dotted about the landscape, making Thassos one of the most important travel destinations in the Greek part of Macedonia.

Sightseeing in Thassos

THASSOS TOWN: The city of Thassos - Limenas - is the capital and main port of the island, built on the site of the ancient town, overlooking its three harbors. There are many places of archaeological interest that one can visit here: the ancient market (agora), the acropolis, the city walls and various sanctuaries scattered among the modern houses. The most picturesque part of the town is the old harbour with the fishing boats and the taverns by the sea.

ACROPOLIS: The Acopolis was protected by marble walls and was also the site of the sanctuary of Apollo.

THEOLOGOS: Theologos is a unique and picturesque village which is why the Greek government declared it a culture capital in 1979. The houses are built in traditional Macedonia style with roofs made by stone and the new buildings have to have certain standards in order to help maintain the historical and cultural value of the village.

ALIKI: One of the most beautiful and picturesque sites in Greece. Two small white-sand beaches, calm seas with soft sand in and out of the water, a tradition village, the ancient marble quarries, pine trees, fishing.

KASTRO: Kastro is probably the oldest village on Thassos. Built on an inland peak, Kastro was totally abandoned apart from the church of St. Athanasios, who has always been the villagers guardian and patron saint. In recent years nearly all of its houses have been restored and the village relives its former glory every year on the feast day of St. Athanasios, 18 January, with a festival which starts on the day before and runs for three days. The landscape and flora are rich reward for those that take the trouble to visit.

Sightseeing on the mainland

PHILIPPI: (Ancient Greek , Philippoi) is a city in eastern Macedonia, founded by Philip II in 356 BC. According to the Hellenic Ministry of Culture, Philippi is "the most important archaeological site of eastern Macedonia."

KAVALA: Kavala is a nice port city in Greece. It is where the Apostle Paul first came to Greece, but back then it was known as Neopolis. Kavala has a nice waterfront area with stores and restaurants. It also has remains of an Ottoman aqueduct built to provide water for the city's acropolis. The acropolis dates back to the Byzantine's and is well maintained. It provides a great view of the city and harbour.

NESTOS GORGE: The site has a large gorge with steep rocky slopes. Forest occupies the bottom of the gorge whilst the surrounding mountain slopes are covered with a mixture of forest and maquis. Human activities include agriculture, mining, tourism and hunting.

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