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Lesbos is the third largest island in Greece. The breathtaking landscape rolls through regions of pine-covered mountains to area of barren, yet dramatic volcanic stone. There are numerous sand and pebble beaches and many sheltered and isolated coves dotted along the spectacular indented coastline.

The temperate climate, rivers and natural springs all contribute to maintain the surprisingly lush vegetation of the island. Lesbos is also host to a superb petrified forest located between Eressos and Sigri in the southwest. This is a land steeped in traditions and rich in history and culture.


MYTILINI: The waterfront of the inner port (southern) lends the town its special colour; as the boat approaches the island, a combination of old manor houses and contemporary buildings comes into view. Along the waterfront, visitors come across the Prefecture Municipal Theatre, the Town Hall, the well-restored neo-classical style buildings, as well as banks, hotels, coffee shops, sweet shops and restaurants. The church of St Therapon stands out among the other buildings with its imposing, elaborate dome, which virtually dominates the port. The waterfront is ideal for a “promenade”, particularly during the evening. This is when the light peers over the hills, lending colour to the port, and a sense of serenity to its visitors.

MOLYVOS: At northern part of the Island is the picturesque village of Molyvos with its mediaeval castle and the traditional architecture.

AGIASSOS: The village of Agiassos is one of the most beautiful villages of the Island. Very famous is the celebration of 15th August.

PETRIFIED FOREST: It is located near the Holy Monastery of Hipsylou in the area of Eressos. This natural monument is unique in the whole area of Europe.

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